Winter Camping

Staying warm while sleeping is one of the things that can make a winter camping trip great or really miserable.  Here are some tips for tent camping to keep you warm and cozy on your next adventure.

  • Your body cools down during sleep and blood is drawn from the extremities (hands & feet) to the core of your body. Proper insulation is a must to prevent heat loss.
  • Use a layered sleeping system.  This helps to remove frost buildup that naturally occurs when your warm body meets the cold air.  Use a combination of a sleeping bag, liner, half bag or bivy sack.
  • Give your sleeping a really good fluffing to gain maximum loft before you get in.
  • Choose a good insulated sleeping pad between you and the ground.  What you have under you is more important to keep you warm than what is on top of you.
  • Wear a hat to bed.  You lose most of your body heat through your head.  (This is why my cat likes to sleep on my pillow!)
  • Make sure you go to bed dry at night and avoid overheating.  If you are too warm your body produces perspiration.  Vent your bag if needed or take your hat off.

Need help choosing your sleeping bag?  Check out Get Started With Sleeping Bags.  Click to find our selection of Sleeping Gear

More winter camping tips coming next week.  So stay tuned!

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