1. Clean the area that was bitten with soapy water.

  2. Rub aloe on the affected area, or apply a lotion that includes aloe in its ingredients.  The aloe is a soothing agent that helps alleviate the itching sensation.

  3. Apply calamine lotion to the bite.  The lotion is a common remedy for itchy skin, and can provide temporary relief from the itching sensation.

  4. Peal a banana and rub the inside of the peel against the bitten area.

  5. Mix baking soda and water a mixing bowl to create a paste.  The paste should be thick enough to remain on the bitten area without being runny.  If your mixture is too runny, add more baking soda.  Apply to the bitten area for 15 to 20 minutes, and wash off with running water.

Don't get bit!  Avoid those pesky insects on your next picnic or beach trip by using the Sand Free Rug by CGear.

CGear Sand Free Mat

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The innovative Sand Free Mats and Rugs from CGear are a unique patented construction that allows particles to fall through the mat without coming back up creating a sand,dirt and dust free environment.

Both the rugs and mats are available in a variety of sizes. Rugs are great for picnics, soccer games and the beach.  The Mats stake to the ground and are a great replacement for your ground sheet or canvas.

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