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How Do I Pick The Correct Tent For My Truck?

Please reference our Truck Tent Sizing Guide to find your truck. Be careful as some models have changed tent sizing from year to year and some models have different lengths within the same model year. Then, measure the inside length of your pickup truck bed with the tailgate up to double check that you have the correct size. You will notice that each of the truck tents reference a truck bed length. Please contact us with any questions on sizing that you may have.

I Can’t Find My Truck On The Sizing Guide. Is There A Truck Tent For It?

We are sorry, but all models of pick up trucks will not have a truck tent that fits. If you do not see your model listed, chances are there is no tent for your truck available. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you are unsure.

How Difficult Is It To Set Up A Rightline Gear Truck Tent?

With the color coded poles and pole pockets and the directions sewn into the stuff sack (with lots of pictures), most people have a pretty easy time setting up the tent. The first time out it may take as much as 30 minutes, but after that it should be around 10 minutes. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions concerning your set up.

Will The Pick Up Tent Keep Me Dry?

Absolutely. The tent is designed so that all surfaces go around the outside of the truck bed, therefore, it is impossible for water to run inside the bed. The rain fly is rated at pu1800 with sealed seams and the bottom of the main tent is rated at pu3000.

Is The Tent Fireproof?

The truck tent meets the fire resistant requirements of CPAI84, the industry standard for tents.

Is The Tent UV Treated?

Yes. The dark gray part of the main tent and the rain fly have been treated with a UV protectant (UPF 50).

What Are The Material Specs Of The Tent?

The dark gray portion of the main tent is 210D, 115T.
The white portion of the main tent is 68D,190T.
The rain fly is 75D, 190T.

Will The Tent Damage My Pickup Truck’s Paint Job?

No, the tent straps and buckles are made from materials that do not scratch the truck’s finish under normal use. The tent is designed with the minimum number of straps to secure the tent over the bed. There are no exposed metal parts in the truck tent design.

Will The Truck Tent Fit Around My Truck Accessories?

Bed Liner-Yes. Bed liners are easy to clean and don't interfere with a Rightline Gear Truck Tent set up in any way.

Tool Box-Tents for trucks will not fit over tool boxes that extend over the truck bed walls. Tool boxes that fit in between the truck bed walls do not present any problem. Sometimes, a crew cab tent will fit a standard size truck with a tool box, etc. The front lip of the truck tent will overlap the top of the tool box. The rain will run down the tent onto the top of the tool box and off the front or sides. Subtract the width of your tool box from the overall bed length with the tailgate up to see if there is a tent size that will work for you.

Railings-Truck tents will fit on trucks with side railings up to 3" high. If the railings are over 3" high, they will lift the base of the truck tent too far away from the top of the bed walls, allowing the potential for wind or water to come inside the tent.

Rollbars-Truck tents usually won't fit over roll bars, especially if they interfere with the truck bed walls. If your roll bar is low in height and does not extend over the walls of the truck bed, please contact us with your specs and we will try to let you know if a truck tent will work.

Tonneau Covers-Truck tents won't work with solid tonneau covers unless you remove them. A truck tent can work with a soft tonneau cover if the cover can roll back and fit between the truck bed side walls. Send us a photo of your truck bed if you have any questions.

Can You Drive With A Truck Tent Set Up?

Not on public roads. Maybe around your campsite a short distance-5 mph max. If the truck’s muffler gets hot, you can definitely run into a safety issue.

How Do I Set Up A Truck Tent?

Visit our Rightline Gear Truck Tent Set Up Guide

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