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CampRight's Attention To Detail

CampRight has been making truck tents since 2004. They have kept their eyes on the details that end up making a product truly great to own. Listening to customers' feedback and suggestions has been key in developing innovative design features. CampRight has continued to come up with unique solutions to the problems that plague other pick up truck tents.

Easy Set Up Truck Tents

CampRight Truck Tents from Rightline Gear have four color coded poles with matching color pole pockets.  Other pickup truck tents have poles that are easy to mix up and put in the wrong pole pocket.

CampRight pickup truck tents have an open floor. This lets you set up your tent with your gear remaining inside the truck bed-nice and dry.  Other truck tents have a sewn-in floor which requires you to empty your truck bed before setting up. CampRight's design allows you to bypass one of the most hated chores in tent camping-sweeping out the tent before taking it down.  Now, all you have to do is take down the tent and sweep out your truck bed-easy, right?  Can you imagine if you have a spot of grease in the truck bed and it gets on your truck tent floor?  When you fold the tent up again, that spot will be reproduced all over your tent.  CampRight truck bed tents fit with an extremely tight seal around the truck bed, keeping water out and making a tent floor unnecessary.

CampRight has long mesh fabric pole sleeves that run almost the entire length of the pole. Other truck tents have short fabric pole sleeves that start in the middle of the tent making them much more difficult to reach. The mesh pole sleeves also improve tent breathability when using the rain fly.

CampRight includes a simple one page instruction manual printed on waterproof paper that is sewn into the stuff sack. Other truck tents come with multi-page paper instruction manuals, loose in the box and easy to misplace!

truck tent colored poles floorless design mesh fabric sleeves

Easy Take Down Truck Tents

The stuff sack is the pet peeve at CampRight.  Everyone knows that it is nearly impossible to fold up a tent to the exact size that it was when it came out of the box. You have to be a magician to get it back to the same size it came. Don't worry about it with the CampRight stuff sack. It is bigger, way bigger, than it needs to be so that you don't have to sweat it. You can fold the tent back any way you please.

Truck Tent Comfort

The CampRight Truck Tent has a sky view vent which lets the light in and the air circulate and, of course, there is nothing like sleeping under the stars.  At night, when you breath, moisture is produced. In other tents, moisture can accumulate on the ceiling and drip back down on you. Not so with the CampRight Truck Tent.

The CampRight tent has the largest interior room of any pick up bed truck tent, allowing plenty of room to stand up while getting dressed. The tent extends out over the tailgate for maximum space.  Its design really shines in compact size trucks where space is limited to begin with.

The CampRight Truck Bed Tent has a full rain fly with taped seams that covers the entire tent - you will stay dry in even the biggest storm.  The tent has clear pvc rain fly windows so you can see out, even when it is raining.  Other tents for trucks have a smaller rain fly with no windows. The CampRight tent fits snugly around the outside of your truck bed, ensuring that there will be no water getting in there.

truck tent window truck tent windows CampRight Truck Tent

Smart CampRight Truck Tent Features

Just a few of the great features include glow in the dark zipper pulls and non-snag zippers, generous pockets sewn inside, (5) d-ring loops for hanging gear or lights inside the tent, quality no-see-um mesh to keep bugs out, dual zipper pulls on door and window storm flaps, large cab access sleeve for use through a rear slider window, separate tent pole sack, included patch kit, and a one year warranty on materials and craftsmanship.

truck tent zipper truck tent pocket truck tent sleeve

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