CampRight Truck Tent

Another fun way to winter camp is to use a truck tent.  This gets you outdoors, but up off the cold ground. CampRight Truck Tents are a great choice.  They set-up quickly and their floorless design means that you don’t have to empty your truck to set up the tent.

During winter months add a double sleeping pad to keep you comfy.  During summer months consider a truck bed air mattress.  On top of this add a double sleeping bag.  The best way to stay warm is to snuggle up with someone.

Here are some other tips:

  • Keep your nose and mouth outside of the sleeping bag.  Your breath contains moisture that can cause dampness in the bag as you sleep.  To keep your face warm wear a balaclava or wrap a scarf around your face.
  • Use a sleeping suit.  A pair of long underwear works great.
  • Nothing is worse than cold feet.  They can keep you up all night. 
    • Make sure your feet are as dry as possible before going to bed at night.
    • Dry wash your feet with a good foot powder (that contains aluminum chlorohydrate) to keep skin dry and reduce perspiration.
    • Keep a dry pair of sleeping socks or booties in your bag for sleeping only.
    • Use a hot water bottle and place it strategically at cold spots in your sleeping bag.  Make sure it has a screw on lid and won’t leak.  Another alternative is to use disposable heater packs or hand warmers.

We would if you would share your tips and comments with us.  Next week we’ll talk about eating to stay warm.

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