Truck Bed Air Mattress FAQ

Truck Bed Air Mattress FAQ

What if I can't find a truck bed air mattress for my model pickup truck?

Let us know your pick up truck cargo area dimensions and we'll help you determine which model truck bed air mattress will best fit your particular vehicle. There should be a model to fit almost every truck.

Why are there two different truck bed air mattress types?

At Lakeland Gear we want to make sure you have all the options so that you can make an informed decision.  So, we have two options for truck bed air mattresses - "between the wheel well" and "over the wheel well".

Between the wheel wells mattresses are made by Truck Bedz, and offer both vinyl and backpack cloth models.  Truck Bedz mattresses come with an external air pump with a 19 foot 12-volt power cord that plugs into your cigarette lighter. You can inflate your mattress wherever your vehicle takes you.

Over the wheel wells mattresses are made by Truck Bedz and AirBedz. They offer a great feature that allows the mattress to be used as a guest bed in your home as well.  The accessory wheel well inserts connect to the wheel well cutouts and allow these mattresses to convert into full size beds. AirBedz mattresses come with a built-in air pump that accepts their modular battery packs. A DC car charger is provided as an accessory item.

What is the difference between the Weekender and the Expedition within the Truck Bedz Mattresses?

The Weekender is made from heavy duty PVC vinyl with a velor top surface for comfort. It has a 1 year warranty. The Expedition is made from 420D nylon backpack cloth and is urethane coated. It is the higher quality version - tough and abrasion resistant. It comes with a FREE Wedge Carry Bag and it has a 2 year warranty.

Are there truck bed mattresses for SUVs, vans or other vehicles?

Yes, we offer the Truck Bedz mattresses in a size that fits many SUVs, Vans, And Minivans. Please check our Sizing Guide or provide us with the dimensions of your vehicle and we will make sure that a truck bed air mattress will work for you. The AirBedz Mattresses with the wheel well inserts can be used in SUVs or vans as well. Please check their dimensions vs. your vehicle.

Using Your Truck Bed Air Mattress

What is the best way to inflate my truck bed air mattress?

All Truck Bedz mattresses come with a 12 volt air pump with 19' cord. This pump plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter or car outlet. The pump is external to the mattress and connects to the mattresses Boston Boat Valve for inflation.

All AirBedz mattresses come with a built-in air pump with a modular battery pack. The battery packs can be charged by ac power or by the AirBedz DC car charger (an accessory item). AirBedz also makes an external inflation pump for multi-use.   

What is the best way to empty and roll my truck bed air mattress so that it fits back into its carry bag?

Open the valves completely and let the air flow out. The built in pump of the AirBedz Truck Bed Mattresses will also deflate the mattress. Once most of the air is out, fold the truck bed air mattress over in 6" sections starting at the end away from the valves. Continue to roll the folded portions over until you have a large roll. Close one of the valves completely and fold 1/3 of the roll over on itself, squeezing out more air in the process. Fold the remaining 1/3 of the roll over on itself, squeezing out the remaining air and then close the second valve.

Why is my truck bed mattress softer in the morning?

It's called physics, hot air expands and cold air compresses. When you fill your truck bed in mid afternoon and it's 75 degrees and then wake up and it's only 35 degrees, you should expect that the bed will be much softer despite no air having leaked out. The best course of action is to top off the mattress right before bedtime. Sometimes topping off will require a few seconds with the pump and other times, just a quick couple of breaths through the one way valve will do the trick.

Do I need to do anything special to care for my truck bed air mattress?

No special care is required, however, we recommend storing your mattress in a carry bag. If the mattress gets too dirty, you can hose it down and scrub it with a mild detergent (just watch out for the pump). Make sure that it is completely dry before rolling it up again.

What should I do if I have a problem with my truck bed air mattress?

Contact us and explain your concern and we will make every effort to resolve your issue and assure your satisfaction.

Should we use our truck bed mattress as a trampoline? What about as an open ocean floating swim platform? Can I use it as a dirigible if I fill it with Helium?

No and No and certainly Not. Your truck bed mattress is intended to be used as an indoor/outdoor sleeping platform and they are not intended to be used for the other purposes. Use of any mattresses for purposes other than sleeping will void your warranty.  Yes, we know that many of the product photos show a truck driving over the mattresses!

Hint: If you are buying a truck tent, you will find the matching truck bed air mattress at the bottom of its page and vice versa. Please double check that you have the right model in our Sizing Guides.

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