SUV Tent Set Up Guide

Setting Up The CampRight SUV Tent

Before setting up the CampRight SUV and Minivan Tent, clear any sharp sticks and rocks from the ground where you'll be placing the tent. Pull the tent out of the bag and set aside the pole bag. Spread out the tent on a smooth flat surface.

The CampRight SUV Tent contains the following tent parts:

  • (4) steel pole segments of varying length. These segments will be connected together to create the pole that runs the length of the tent.
  • (3) steel junctions; (2) are angled and marked with an "A" and  (1) is straight and marked with an "M". These junctions are used to connect the steel pole segments with the fiberglass pole segments.
  • (6) black fiberglass pole segments. (2) segments are connected to each of the (3) steel pole junctions.
  • (2) long straps with a “J” hook on one end and a male buckle on the other. These straps attach the tent to your vehicle if it does not have a roof rack.
  • (23) tent stakes. These stakes secure the tent in place.

Setting Up The Main Tent (Includes Attached Screen Room)

Connecting The Steel Pole

Connect the (4) segments of the steel pole together using the (3) junctions (Fig 1 and Fig 2) as follows:

  • The longest pole segment goes over the main tent and the medium pole segment goes over the screen room. These two segments are connected with the junction that is marked with the letter "M".
  • The shortest two segments go over the awnings on each end. The junctions for these segments angle downward towards the awnings and are marked with the letter "A".

Connecting The Steel Pole

Connecting the Fiberglass Poles

Connect the (6) fiberglass pole segments to the (3) junctions after threading them through the black pole sleeves (Fig 3). The fiberglass poles will lay across the tent (Fig 4). Then, attach the tent clips to the steel pole (Fig 5).

Connecting The Fiberglass Poles

Raising The Tent

Before raising the tent, place the ends of the steel pole into the pockets at the end of each awning (Fig 6). Raise the tent by bending each black fiberglass pole and placing its end over its corresponding pole pin (Fig 7). When all of the poles are raised, attach the tent clips to the black fiberglass poles (Fig 8).

Raising The Tent

Attaching The Tent To A Vehicle

The SUV tent has an opening with a special “alligator clamping sleeve” that attaches to the rear of the vehicle. This design feature allows access to the inside of the vehicle from the inside of the tent. It also allows one tent to fit all rear-hatched vehicles, from wagons to large SUVs. The sleeve consists of two parts, the lower sleeve and the upper sleeve.

Attaching The Upper Sleeve

Back the vehicle close to the tent, bumper touching, and place the upper sleeve over the opened rear door (Fig 9). Attach the (2) short straps on the leading edge of the upper sleeve around the vehicle’s roof rack rear cross bar (it may be necessary to adjust the position of the cross bar). If you do not have a roof rack, clip the (2) long straps provided into the (2) short straps and attach their “J” hooks to the windshield wipers (Fig 10). Adjust the baffle inside the top edge of the upper sleeve to keep water, wind, and bugs out.

Attaching The Upper Sleeve

Attaching The Lower Sleeve

Make sure the lower sleeve is sitting above the vehicle’s muffler. Place the (2) adjustable straps of the lower sleeve over the top of the vehicle’s rear hatch (Fig 11). Raise the hatch, making sure the straps are tight when it reaches the top. Attach (2) or all (3) of the straps on the lower sleeve to the inside of the vehicle’s cargo area (Fig 12).

Attach the “J” hooks of the side straps A and B to the vehicles’s wheel well and tighten. Run the lower strap C under the rear wheel well and route it up to snap onto the upper strap D. Repeat on the other side of the vehicle (Fig 13).

J Hooks

Staking The Tent

Stake the corners, sides, and guy lines of the tent. It may not be necessary to stake all guy lines in mild weather conditions. Since no rain fly is necessary, tent setup is complete (Fig 14). To have use of the vehicle for the day, simply disconnect the upper and lower sleeves and zip up the door leading to the SUV. The upper and lower sleeves are secured to the tent body by the dowel and loop fasteners around the door way (Fig 15).

Staking The Tent

Taking Down The CampRight SUV Tent

Begin by detaching the upper and lower sleeves and then move your vehicle away from the tent. Zip up all of the tent windows and doors and pull out all of the stakes. Next, un-clip the poles, remove the poles from the pole pins, and lower the tent to the ground. Disconnect and slide out all of the poles and place the pole segments back into the pole bag.

Fold the tent into 3rds across the width of the tent. Fold the tent in half lengthwise and then in half lengthwise again. Place the pole bag in the middle of the folded tent before rolling it up. Place the rolled tent back into the SUV tent storage bag.

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