Tips to Save $ on Your Summer Roadtrip

Are you hitting the road this summer on a great North American Road Trip? If so, be prepared for a great time. A roadtrip is a great low cost alternative to expensive plane travel and offers a chance to see our great nation from the vantage point of a car. However, eating on the road, staying in hotels, and the cost of fuel can get expensive. Here are a few money saving tips from the travel experts at Lakeland Gear that will keep your summer road trip budget-friendly.

Eat Smart on the Road

On long car trips, eating at restaurants and over-snacking can threaten tight budgets. To save money, bring a cooler and a camp stove to mix eating out with cooking. Keep drinks and perishable items ice cold in a cooler. Make cheap dishes like pasta, chili, or soup within the vicinity of your car with a camp stove. For the inevitable snacking that occurs on long road trips, make sure you have pre-packaged, individually wrapped portions on hand to prevent over-snacking. This way, when snacks are in demand you and your kids will consume only a designated snack-sized portion rather than an entire bag or container. In-season fruits such as blueberries, oranges, nectarines, and peaches make great snacks and are healthy, cheap ways to get fresh food into your diet. Of course, during your hard-earned vacation, you can indulge in that fried chicken or chocolate dipped ice cream cone. But by mixing in store bought food with restaurant food you’ll save money and eat healthier while you travel.

Keep Gas Costs Low

Gas will be one of your biggest expenses on long cross-country road trips. To save major bucks at the pump, always drive with your car’s fuel economy in mind. Maintain a steady speed while traveling by utilizing your vehicle’s cruise control. Also, make sure your engine is properly tuned before embarking on your trip to improve your gas mileage by up to 4%. A roof rack or carrier is a great way to save room inside your car while toting all the extra gear and stuff you need. However, a roof rack can decrease your car’s fuel economy by up to 5%. To keep your road trip budget tight, reduce aerodynamic drag and save gas by using a hitch mounted cargo carrier or CampRight cargo saddlebag in place of a roof mounted cargo carrier. Placed in the rear of the vehicle, these carriers transport your gear safely and securely without that unwanted jump in fuel consumption that comes from a rooftop mounted cargo carrier. This way you can bring all that extra stuff for your vacation without compromising the interior space or fuel economy of your car.

Explore Other Lodging Options

At the end of the day, the entire family will need a comfortable place to rest up. To cut costs and get great sleep while traveling, mix in hotel stays with camping right out of your truck or SUV. Our CampRight Truck Tents are an awesome, family friendly way to cut costs and camp in total comfort. While sleeping in a truck tent with a truck tent mattress, you can get a great night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the next day’s activities. Find federally owned campgrounds at and make reservations for your money saving stay.

With a few smart switch ups on your summer road trip, you can have tons of fun and keep costs low. Save your cash for the stuff that really matters such as parks admissions and guided tours. Get everything you need for a great, budget-friendly road trip experience here at Lakeland Gear.

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