Week two of our series on camping using your vehicle.  Another option for using your pick up truck as base for your camping trip is the DAC Truck Cap Tents.  These tents attach to a truck with a truck cap or to minivans or SUV's.

DAC Truck Cap Tents

Full Size Truck Cap Tent
Mid-Size Truck Cap Tent
Minivan & SUV Tent
Full Size Truck Cap Tent
Mid-Size Truck Cap Tent
Minivan & SUV Tent

DAC Truck Cap & Minivan/SUV Tent Features

  • Rear door panels fold up and tie back for maximum ventilation
  • 2 no-see-um mesh windows
  • Zip and tie at bottom corners for privacy
  • Two way zippers provide easy entry to the rear of the vehicle
  • Tent treated to keep the water out.
  • Color - Tan roof, Blue walls.
  • Fire retardant.
  • Carry bag is included

Truck Cap Tent Set Up

  • Raise the rear window, lower the tailgate and place the tent over the opening
  • Will fit high back and flat camper tops, right over carrier racks or air foils
  • Elastic shock cords with plastic coated hooks connect tot he under frame and wheel wells to snug the tent tight against the truck body

Minivan & SUV Tent Set Up

  • Place the tent over the rear portion of the vehicle
  • Hook the shock cords into the wheel wells
  • Unzip the doors and reach inside the tent and raise the lift gate

More to come!  Next week we will talk about Roof Top Tents.  These nifty tents are a more permanent option for vehicle camping and are brand new offering at Lakeland Gear.

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