Pelican Perch Hammock Chair FAQ

Pelican Perch Set Up Video

How much weight will the Pelican Perch support?
Pelican Perch 300 = 300 lbs
Pelican Perch 150 = 150 lbs
Pelican Perch 50 = 50 lbs

How do I get into the hammock chair perch?
Back up closely to the front of the hammock chair. Gather some netting and hold close to the back of knees while sitting down. Some adjustments to the netting may be necessary to maximize chair comfort. (ie, stretching net out to recline with feet up)

How do I get out of the hammock chair perch?
Turn and face the tree or structure holding the bracket. With feet on the ground, take 3-4 steps backwards as the hammock will slowly support you to a standing position automatically. Easy!

Which is the front/back of the hammock chair?
The back side is where the netting is higher. (The lower side is the front). Once ready, just clip the hammock chair onto your Pelican Perch.

What kind of knot do I tie?
Since the Perched Pelican is portable, a slip-knot is recommended for set-up, to facilitate easy removal after use.

How do I tie a slipknot?
It’s similar to tying a bow in your shoelace. Leaving a loop in the knot allows it to be untied easily, even after there has been the weight of a person hanging in it. See the detailed knot-tying instructions below.

How small/large a tree can I perch from?
We recommend trees from 3” diameter to 23” diameter. However, larger trees can be accommodated by getting an extension rope to encircle the tree.

How long does it take to set-up the Pelican Perch?
After a little practice, you will be up and “perched” in about a minute.

Where are these brackets made?
We custom make each bracket by hand right here in the USA!

Can I leave my perch and chair up all season?
Yes, you can, because the wooden dowels have been coated with 2 layers of polyurethane. However, the perch is easily set and taken down, so you will extend the life of your perch if you keep it out of extreme weather elements.

Will the rope stretch with age?
No, it will not stretch. Only the highest quality polyester cordage is used to manufacture Perched Pelican products.

How To Tie The "Slip Knot"

How To Tie A Slip Knot

Slip Knot Step One
Slip Knot Step Two
Slip Knot Step Three
Select your supporting tree. Pass the rope around the tree and insert the loose end through the previously tied loop on the opposite end.Pull the loose end until all slack is removed from the rope encircling the tree, and “pinch” rope where it passes through the loop and hold. 
Grab a hold of the free end of the rope, a few inches away from your ‘Pinch” and the end. Take that midway point and pass it behind the pre-tied loop you are pinching.
Slip Knot Step Four
Slip Knot Step Five
Slip Knot Step Six
Take that loop and pass it into the loop formed by your pinch. Pull the loop through- keeping it as a loop, until snug.Take that loop and pass it into the loop formed by your pinch. Pull the loop through- keeping it as a loop, until snugYour finished knot should look like this.

How To Untie The "Slip Knot"

Slip Knot Dismount Step OneSlip Knot Dismount Step Two
Remove hammock chair perch from your Pelican Perch. Grasp the free end of the rope.Pull firmly until loop passes through knot, freeing the rope. Then remove rope free end from around the tree. Bag up and move on, leaving tree unharmed.

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