Kid Car Survival

We want to remind you that when you are in your crumb-laden car with squabbling kids and you are asking yourself why you took another family road trip, the answer is: building relationships and building memories. That's what a family trip is really about--the private jokes no one else gets, the moments that are so good they can keep us going for months. Remember, even the bad times make for good stories later.

Taking the Kids Road Trip Survival Guide

To help get you where you're going smiling, here's our Taking the Kids Road Trip Survival Guide:

  1. COOLER - Stash one in the trunk with picnic fixings. It's a lot healthier, cheaper and even more relaxing than restaurants or gas stations.
  2. SPORTS TO GO - Soccer ball, mitts, baseballs, Frisbee, jump rope, bubbles. -- Let the kids run off some energy while you eat.
  3. JUNIOR LUGGAGE -Let each child pack their own bag, with a little parental supervision, of course. You don't have to do all the work and it makes it a lot easier to keep their "stuff" straight.  Let them pack a small "fun bag" with their activities for inside the car as well.
  4. BEACH BAG - Keep towels and swim suits at the ready so you've got them handy when you need them.
  5. PILLOWS, BLANKETS, "LOVEYS" - The kids can be cozy, as long as they keep their seat belts buckled.
  6. MASKING TAPE & BAND AIDS -They can mark off their back-seat space and decorate with the tape. They can play doll with the band aids.
  7. CD & TAPE PLAYERS - One per child, so you don't have to endure the squabbles over what gets played. You won't have to listen to Barney or the Spice Girls either.
  8. MAPS GALORE - Laminate them and let the kids help navigate. They can mark the route.  What a great way for them to learn about America.
  9. GRAB BAG TIME - A few inexpensive wrapped "surprises" you can dole out when the going gets rough.
  10. ART BOX - One per art-inclined child, complete with stickers, scissors, travel journal, markers, crayons and pencils.
  11. WATER BOTTLE - One for each person in the family.
  12. PLENTY OF HEALTHY SNACKS - The kids will be hungry and thirsty as soon as you've finished lunch and 50 miles from your next stop.  Add them to your cooler.
  13. FAVORITE ELECTRONIC GAMES & OLD-FASHIONED DECK OF CARDS - What more can we say.  Yes, you can play cards in the car.
  14. BOOKS ON TAPE - Get them from your local library or video store. Cracker Barrell even rents them. You can all listen together.
  15. TUNE IN TO THE KIDS - Turn off the music for a while. Get the kids to take off their earphones. Use the time to talk. Now's the time to tell those stories about the time your dad took you on that never-ending car trip.

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