It summer again and you are planning for the family road trip.  Your car doesn't have a roof rack so there is no where to strap the suitcases to the roof.  How are you going to fit everyone in the car AND all of that luggage, the sand toys, and the tent in the car?


PackRight Car Top Carriers will fit vehicles with and WITHOUT a roof rack.

Here's how it works!

Car Clip Strap Set
Car Clip Straps On A Vehicle

Car Clip Strap SetThese straps attach to any ledge on the inside door frame of your vehicle.  On most vehicles, the best ledge can be found under the weather molding around the door frame. The strap tension from one car clip to the other over the top of the car carrier secures the load.  Take a look at our Car Clip Strap Set Up Instructions for more details on how these nifty straps work. The Car Clip Strap Set comes standard with the Sport Jr Car Top Carrier and is purchased separately for use with the other PackRight carriers.

PackRight Strap Set
Strap Set Thru Body Of Vehicle

StrapRight Strap SetThe straps run over the car carrier, through the open vehicle door, across the inside roof and around to the other side.  Our StrapRight Strap Set Up Guide provides complete instructions. The StrapRight Strap Set comes standard with all of the PackRight Car Top Carriers except the Sport Jr.  Note: The "D" rings should act as a guide for the straps not as a way to secure the roof top carrier to the roof.  Straps should go OVER the top of the roof bag.

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