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Traveling with your pets can be a challenge for both you and a bit stressful on them.  Here are some tips on keeping you and your dog happy and safe. (We'll have to talk about taking Kitty on the road another day!)

Take Your Sense Of Humor
Your favorite friend is along because you couldn't leave him/her at home.  Make the most of your time together.  Remember the interruption of Fido's schedule and the excitement of the ride may make him hyper, grumpy, shy or confused.  Getting upset and yelling won't help.  The best stories of your trip will come from hurdles that you both overcame.

Restraining Your Pet
Seat belts keep you safe and you need to provide some protection for you pup also.  Some available options are pet harnesses that connect to your car's seat belts, travel kennels and pet barriers.  These also cut down on the distraction of your pet bouncing from window to window.

Keep Hydrated
Take along plenty of water and keep in mind that your dog's taste bud's may prefer your municipal water along the road.  Take along as much as is practical.  Don't fret if you run out though.  Your pup will drink any water when really thirsty. The Portable Pet Travel Water Bowl will not spill or splash and has a reservoir for water.

Take Frequent Stops
Dogs are sensitive to a routine and travel can turn that upside down.  Stopping frequently allows you both to stretch your legs and for Fido to relieve himself. If you have an SUV, truck or minivan a pet may find it a bit of jump to get out of the vehicle, especially after being confined.  Older pets may be much more affected by this.  Pet Steps are a way to make the transition from vehicle to solid ground a little easier.

Mind The Temperature
Leaving your pet in the car with the windows rolled up is not safe any time of the year, but during the summer months heat can kill even with the windows down.  The sun can easily transform your car into an oven in a matter of a few minutes. 

Pack Your Pets Papers
I don't mean those kind of papers!  Take along your dog's important papers...registration, proof of vaccinations and a list of any current medications. 

Loss Prevention
Having your pet run off while traveling is heartbreaking to consider.  Taking a few precautions can make it easier to be reunited.  Take along a picture of your pet.  If your pet is micro chipped check that all of the information is updated before you leave.  Make sure your pet is wearing current tags and an identification tag with your name, home address and phone number. 

Take A Doggie Bag
Whether a simple grocery bag or Fido's own luggage, keeping everything in one convenient place will make care for your pet more convenient.  Consider stashing the following items in your pets luggage.

  • Canned or dry dog food
  • Can opener
  • Two bowls (one for food and one for water)
  • An extra leash
  • Doggie Treats
  • Doggie Brush
  • Chewy toy or bone
  • Favorite ball or toy
  • Pooper scooper and baggies
  • Any medications

Lakeland Gear has lots of products to make traveling with your pets easier in our Pet Gear section.

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