With so many camping alternatives on the market we want to share some of the variety of truck tents available.  These tents fit a variety of vehicle sizes, from pickup trucks, to SUV's, cars, etc.  Over the next couple of weeks we will give you an overview of what your options are.

CampRight Truck Tents

CampRight Truck Tent
CampRight SUV Tent

The CampRight Truck Tents and SUV Tents allow you to experience camping wherever your vehicle can take you.A truck bed tent installs over the bed of the pickup truck to create an instant camper for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. SUV Tents have a sleeve that surrounds the rear hatch of the vehicle.

Truck Tent Features:

  • Largest interior room of any truck tent
  • Protective heavy duty straps and nylon buckles, won’t damage truck’s finish
  • Floorless design allows for set up without removing gear from the bed
  • Sky view vent for more light, ventilation, and sleeping under the stars
  • Color coded poles and pockets for quick and easy set up
  • Rain fly with clear vinyl storm windows
  • Superior styling with gray/white colors to match most trucks
  • Large doors and windows with no-see-um mesh and storm covers
  • Cab access sleeve for trucks with sliding rear windows
  • 2 Gear pockets and lantern hanging hook
  • Glow in the dark zipper pulls
  • Extra large stuff sack with sewn in instruction page
  • All truck tents sleep 2 adults

Use our Truck Tent Sizing Guide to find the tent to fit your pickup bed.

SUV Tent Features

The tents for SUVs connect to the back of your SUV, minivan, crossover, wagon, or pick-up truck with cap, providing access to the inside of your vehicle for extra storage or sleeping locations. The “alligator clamping sleeve” easily disconnects from your vehicle, allowing you to leave the SUV tent behind as you go about the day’s adventures.

  • Overall SUV Tent Dimensions: 15’ L x 8’ W x 7.0’ H
  • Main Room Dimensions: 9’ L x 8’ W
  • Water resistant fabric with sealed seams –no rain fly is necessary
  • “Alligator clamping sleeve” seals around the rear of vehicle
  • 130G Polyethelyne bathtub floor keeps rain and water out
  • Gear pockets for storage and organization
  • Easy access to vehicle power receptacles
  • Large doors and windows with no-see-um mesh and storm covers
  • Glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls
  • Superior styling with gray/red colors to match most vehicles
  • Main tent room sleeps 5 adults and vehicle cargo area sleeps 2 adults
  • Screen Room Dimensions: 6’ L x 8’ W
  • Screen room door has no-see-um mesh and storm covers
  • Screen room floor is open to prevent damage from tables, chairs, and coolers
  • Tarp can be added to screen room floor to sleep 3 adults

The adjustable nature of the "alligator clamping sleeve" allows the CampRight SUV Tent to fit all size SUVs, minivans, wagons, crossovers, and trucks with caps. The tent will attach to vehicles with or without roof rack cross bars.

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Rhino Rack Roof Top Cargo Box
Rhino Rack Roof Top Cargo Box

Need more space in the car for people.  Put your gear on the roof!  Rhino Rack is offering a great special on their Roof Top Boxes until April 8, 2012.

Rhino Rack is the main roof top cargo company and now in the USA. Their roof cargo carriers are made from lightweight ABS plastic which is resistant to both shock and uv rays.  Rhino Rack uses Master Grip Technology, with a universal mounting dial that attaches to the crossbars.  Those dials sit into wide, adjustable slots within the luggage box to suit a greater variance in crossbar spacing.  The cargo carrier boxes ship to your door via freight line.

Concerned about fit?  Visit the Roof Top Cargo Box Sizing Guide.  Need a Roof Rack? Check out our Roof Rack Systems.

Look for the Red Slash.  Discount does not apply to shipping costs.  Sale ends April 8, 2012.

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Campfire Cooking

Did you know that how you eat in the evening while camping can impact how warm you are while sleeping?  Here are some more tips on staying warm while winter camping.

  • Keep well hydrated during the day and avoid drinking lots of fluids at night.  No trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night!
  • It sounds yucky, but if you must go, use a pee bottle.  It’s better than getting cold in the middle of the night…just remember to label the bottle.  You may not realize it, but your body wastes energy trying to heat up the water in your bladder.  This results in wasted calories (and warmth) if you try to hold it in.
  • Keep a snack with you.  If you wake up hungry in the middle of the night you can replenish calories and warm back up.  One note:  If you are camping in bear country this is not a good idea.  Foods should be safely store in air tight containers and kept AWAY from tents.  Waking up to a bear wanting to share your snack is not a good thing.
  • Eat a dinner with lots of calories.
  • Go to bed warm.  Take a brief hike around the camp or do some other physical exercise.  A sleeping bag acts as insulation.  So it will keep warm things warm, but it will keep cold things cold too.

As always, please share your tips and comments with us.

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ABC's Shark Tank

Congrats to Donny McCall inventor of the Invis-A-Rack for his upcoming appearance on ABC's Shark Tank.  Donny will appear on the show on Friday, January 27th at 8:00pm.  You can get the inside scoop from Donny as he Tweet's live during the East Coast broadcast of the show at 8PM ET on Friday.

Invis-A-Rack Cargo Management System

The Invis-A-Rack is an innovative cargo management system. It allows you to transform your pickup truck into the versatile truck you’ve always wanted. The Invis-A-Rack lets you maintain the look of your original pickup truck during the time you don’t need a pickup or ladder rack. The Invis-A-Rack is designed for multiple uses. It’s not just a kayak and canoe rack. It’s not just a work truck rack. It’s all of that and more. It’s the four wheel drive of cargo racks. Invis-A-Rack is the most fuel efficient truck rack on the market today. Only use it when you need it, it’s there all the time. The Invis-A-Rack is proudly made in the USA and is designed to carry up to 500 pounds of tools or toys.

You can visit the Invis-A-Rack Fit Guide to find the right size Rack for the bed of your pick up truck.

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CampRight Truck Tent

Another fun way to winter camp is to use a truck tent.  This gets you outdoors, but up off the cold ground. CampRight Truck Tents are a great choice.  They set-up quickly and their floorless design means that you don’t have to empty your truck to set up the tent.

During winter months add a double sleeping pad to keep you comfy.  During summer months consider a truck bed air mattress.  On top of this add a double sleeping bag.  The best way to stay warm is to snuggle up with someone.

Here are some other tips:

  • Keep your nose and mouth outside of the sleeping bag.  Your breath contains moisture that can cause dampness in the bag as you sleep.  To keep your face warm wear a balaclava or wrap a scarf around your face.
  • Use a sleeping suit.  A pair of long underwear works great.
  • Nothing is worse than cold feet.  They can keep you up all night. 
    • Make sure your feet are as dry as possible before going to bed at night.
    • Dry wash your feet with a good foot powder (that contains aluminum chlorohydrate) to keep skin dry and reduce perspiration.
    • Keep a dry pair of sleeping socks or booties in your bag for sleeping only.
    • Use a hot water bottle and place it strategically at cold spots in your sleeping bag.  Make sure it has a screw on lid and won’t leak.  Another alternative is to use disposable heater packs or hand warmers.

We would if you would share your tips and comments with us.  Next week we’ll talk about eating to stay warm.

For more tips on outdoor adventuring follow us Facebook Twitter 

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Winter Camping

Staying warm while sleeping is one of the things that can make a winter camping trip great or really miserable.  Here are some tips for tent camping to keep you warm and cozy on your next adventure.

  • Your body cools down during sleep and blood is drawn from the extremities (hands & feet) to the core of your body. Proper insulation is a must to prevent heat loss.
  • Use a layered sleeping system.  This helps to remove frost buildup that naturally occurs when your warm body meets the cold air.  Use a combination of a sleeping bag, liner, half bag or bivy sack.
  • Give your sleeping a really good fluffing to gain maximum loft before you get in.
  • Choose a good insulated sleeping pad between you and the ground.  What you have under you is more important to keep you warm than what is on top of you.
  • Wear a hat to bed.  You lose most of your body heat through your head.  (This is why my cat likes to sleep on my pillow!)
  • Make sure you go to bed dry at night and avoid overheating.  If you are too warm your body produces perspiration.  Vent your bag if needed or take your hat off.

Need help choosing your sleeping bag?  Check out Get Started With Sleeping Bags.  Click to find our selection of Sleeping Gear

More winter camping tips coming next week.  So stay tuned!

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Today I want to share with you a few more options for getting all those presents from here to your family gathering.  These options utilize the back of your vehicle.   This is more aerodynamic, thus is better for gas mileage than a roof top cargo carrier.

Options include both a carrier that straps onto the back of your vehicle as well as cargo carriers that attach to the hitch.

PackRight Cargo Saddlebag

Strap On Cargo Carrier

The innovative PackRight Cargo Saddlebag is a large bag that suspends from your luggage rack down the back of your car.  The Saddlebag provides the best of all worlds. The bag is extremely easy to load with no aerodynamic drag and comes at a low cost.  The bag rides under the rear window without obstructing your view.  Please read more about this unique product-our highest seller.

Hitch Cargo Carriers

Receiver Hitches - If you have a 2" (Class III) receiver you can carry heavier loads than with a 1.25" (Class II) receiver. If you don't have a receiver hitch, you can get one installed at any U-haul dealer or your local trailer or hitch shop.

   Standard Swing Away Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

Hitch Mount Cargo Boxes -  These boxes are growing in popularity.  Lakeland Gear features fixed cargo carriers and Swing Away Cargo Carriers that allow the box away from the vehicle, providing easy access to the rear door.  Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers are easy to install and easy to load since they are closer to the ground that roof boxes.  If you decide to go this route, don't forget a locking hitch pin which will lock the cargo box to your vehicle.  All of our hitch mount cargo boxes are extra secure with a strong lock in the lid.

StowAway2 Fixed Tailgate Hitch Mount Cargo Rack

Hitch Mount Cargo Racks - Cargo racks can also be fixed or swing away.  Lakeland Gear offers a large selection of  Swing Away Hitch Mount Cargo Racks.  Some models fold up against the back of the vehicle when not in use.  Cargo platforms are great for items that won't fit into a box.  A locking hitch pin is also a great idea here as well as a Locking Security Cable to hold your gear.  You should also be conscious of the platforms finish.  Painted surfaces will eventually scratch and rust will start to form.  Better units are powder coated which ends up being much more durable than paint.


Boxes or Racks

  • Easiest to put on & take off
    Many people install a cargo box and leave it on.
  • Cost
    Cargo Bags are much less expensive.
  • Storage space required
    A Cargo Bag can be folded up and store in its stuff sack.
  • Packing odd size or large objects
    Bags are flexible and made wider, so generally bigger objects can fit inside

  • Easiest to load
    A box can load easily because of it's shape. It is not necessary to completely load the box.
  • Security for roof cargo
    Boxes and bags both lock, But cargo boxes can be kept locked on the vehicle overnight.
  • Access to Rear of Vehicle
    Cargo boxes and racks are available in a Swing Away model these allow access to the rear of the vehicle without removing the box or rack.

As you can see, you have many choices where to pack your gear, but only one right one for you.  Please contact us if you need assistance in determining which solution is right for you.

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Holiday Time for a lot of us means a trip "Over The River And Thru The Woods To Grandma's House". With all your luggage and the load of presents you are probably wondering "How will I fit it all in!"  At Lakeland Gear, we've been helping travelers pack since 1997.  We're here to help you get started on picking the right Cargo Carrier to give that extra room.

Today we are going to share some information on carrying your gear on the roof top of your vehicle.

PackRight Sport 3 Car Top Carrier
Roof Top Cargo Box

Vehicle Gear Management Accessories

Do you have a factory luggage rack on the roof?  Racks are a big asset to help you haul cargo.  If you don't have a luggage rack, you may consider adding one by visiting your local car dealer or by adding an aftermarket version.  If you have roof rack side rails on your car, you can add Roof Rack Cross Bars from our site. Remember that all PackRight car top cargo bags can be used without a luggage rack: learn more at Car Clip Strap Set.

Hauling Gear On A Roof Rack

Understand that you and your crew are going to have to lift duffel bags, tents, bicycles, or other gear up to the roof level.  Usually, this doesn't present a problem for most people, but it is still an important consideration.  You can stand on the door frame, the tailgate, the bumper or even on the spare tire and have people hand your gear up to you if necessary.  Light weight wheel steps are available to assist with roof loading as well.

Aerodynamic Roof Cargo Carriers

Car top carriers come in all shapes and sizes.  Car top boxes and car top cargo bags will reduce your gas mileage - sometimes up to 5 mpg. Some of these bags and boxes are designed with aerodynamic shapes to slice the wind. They will not affect your mileage quite as much. If you have gear that must go on yoru trip or is necessary to make your vacation fun, by all means pack it, the minor difference in fuel costs shouldn't ruin your fun. Another option is Cargo Saddlebag Car Back Carriers or Hitch Mounted Cargo Boxes. We'll talk about them in a future post.

Roof Top Cargo Bags or Hard Shell Cargo Boxes...Which one is best for you?



  • Easiest to put on & take off
    Many people install a roof box and leave it on.
  • Cost
    Roof Top Cargo Bags are much less expensive.
  • Storage space required
    A Cargo Bag can be folded up and store in its stuff sack.
  • Packing odd size or large objects
    Bags are flexible and made wider, so generally bigger objects can fit inside

  • Easiest to load
    A box can load easily because of it's shape. It is not necessary to completely load the box.
  • Packing Skis
    Many Cargo Boxes are long enough to fit Skis.
  • Security for roof cargo
    Boxes and bags both lock, But cargo boxes can be kept locked on the box overnight.
  • Aerodynamics
    Although a few PackRight Cargo Bags have an aerodynamic shape, the box is better

As you can see, you have many choices to carry your gear.  Only one is right for you.  Next post we will talk about Cargo Saddlebag Car Back Carriers or Hitch Mounted Cargo Boxes.

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Hurricane experts at Colorado State University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict hurricane activity during the 2011 season to be higher than average. Although hurricane season officially started on June 1st, the worst is yet to come. Hurricane activity typically peaks from August to October, bringing violent, deadly storms to Florida and the entire Southeast. When the big storm hits, will you and your family be prepared?

First off, make sure that your hurricane kit is fully stocked with essential survival items such as food, water, and clothing. FEMA and NOAA recommend stocking up on at least one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation. For a family of five, that’s at least fifteen gallons of water that you should have on hand in case of emergency. Additionally, you should have enough food to last for at least three days. Suggested emergency food items include non-perishable packaged or canned food. Blankets/pillows, clothing, prescriptions/ medications, and toiletries should also be included in any survival kit.

Because it's already too late once a hurricane has been forecasted, finding important supplies for your survival supply early is absolutely crucial. Within the 48 hour period before hurricane landfall, important items such as LED lanterns, generators, and camp showers vanish from store shelves, leaving your family without important supplies. Our advice is to stock up now so you’ll be prepared when storm hits. Most of these items won’t cost you over $25 and will make surviving post-hurricane power outages a lot safer and more comfortable.

Flashlight and Batteries. A long life, LED lantern such as our truck tent lantern sheds light on a large interior spaces. These lanterns are a safe alternative to gas powered lamps, and provide a full 144 hours of burn time on their lowest setting. These led camping lanterns will last you in the days following a violent storm when the power has been cut.

Other essentials. Keep your family safe and comfortable with these other important items following a major storm. A first aid kit is crucial to care for minor injuries. Providing immediate medical attention to small wounds will avert serious infection and any associated medical complications. For staying clean in the aftermath of a major storm, a camp shower will help get you through extended power and water outages when showers are unavailable. Each portable showers kit comes in its own compact carrying case for easy storage with your hurricane survival supplies.

For additional preparedness, store all of your hurricane disaster survival items in a transportable container that you can attach to your car quickly once evacuation orders have been issued. Our car top carriers make the perfect emergency kit containers and easily attach to your car for a quick getaway. With a full 18 cubic feet of storage room, Rightline Gear's PackRight Sport 3 will accommodate your family’s survival essentials so you can be ready when a big storm hits.

Car Top Carriers
First Aid Kits
Portable Showers
Camp Lanterns

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Tips to Save $ on Your Summer Roadtrip

Are you hitting the road this summer on a great North American Road Trip? If so, be prepared for a great time. A roadtrip is a great low cost alternative to expensive plane travel and offers a chance to see our great nation from the vantage point of a car. However, eating on the road, staying in hotels, and the cost of fuel can get expensive. Here are a few money saving tips from the travel experts at Lakeland Gear that will keep your summer road trip budget-friendly.

Eat Smart on the Road

On long car trips, eating at restaurants and over-snacking can threaten tight budgets. To save money, bring a cooler and a camp stove to mix eating out with cooking. Keep drinks and perishable items ice cold in a cooler. Make cheap dishes like pasta, chili, or soup within the vicinity of your car with a camp stove. For the inevitable snacking that occurs on long road trips, make sure you have pre-packaged, individually wrapped portions on hand to prevent over-snacking. This way, when snacks are in demand you and your kids will consume only a designated snack-sized portion rather than an entire bag or container. In-season fruits such as blueberries, oranges, nectarines, and peaches make great snacks and are healthy, cheap ways to get fresh food into your diet. Of course, during your hard-earned vacation, you can indulge in that fried chicken or chocolate dipped ice cream cone. But by mixing in store bought food with restaurant food you’ll save money and eat healthier while you travel.

Keep Gas Costs Low

Gas will be one of your biggest expenses on long cross-country road trips. To save major bucks at the pump, always drive with your car’s fuel economy in mind. Maintain a steady speed while traveling by utilizing your vehicle’s cruise control. Also, make sure your engine is properly tuned before embarking on your trip to improve your gas mileage by up to 4%. A roof rack or carrier is a great way to save room inside your car while toting all the extra gear and stuff you need. However, a roof rack can decrease your car’s fuel economy by up to 5%. To keep your road trip budget tight, reduce aerodynamic drag and save gas by using a hitch mounted cargo carrier or CampRight cargo saddlebag in place of a roof mounted cargo carrier. Placed in the rear of the vehicle, these carriers transport your gear safely and securely without that unwanted jump in fuel consumption that comes from a rooftop mounted cargo carrier. This way you can bring all that extra stuff for your vacation without compromising the interior space or fuel economy of your car.

Explore Other Lodging Options

At the end of the day, the entire family will need a comfortable place to rest up. To cut costs and get great sleep while traveling, mix in hotel stays with camping right out of your truck or SUV. Our CampRight Truck Tents are an awesome, family friendly way to cut costs and camp in total comfort. While sleeping in a truck tent with a truck tent mattress, you can get a great night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the next day’s activities. Find federally owned campgrounds at recreation.gov and make reservations for your money saving stay.

With a few smart switch ups on your summer road trip, you can have tons of fun and keep costs low. Save your cash for the stuff that really matters such as parks admissions and guided tours. Get everything you need for a great, budget-friendly road trip experience here at Lakeland Gear.

CampRight Truck Tents
Hitch Mounted Cargo Carriers
Camping Accessories
Truck Bed Air Mattresses

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