ABC's Shark Tank

Congrats to Donny McCall inventor of the Invis-A-Rack for his upcoming appearance on ABC's Shark Tank.  Donny will appear on the show on Friday, January 27th at 8:00pm.  You can get the inside scoop from Donny as he Tweet's live during the East Coast broadcast of the show at 8PM ET on Friday.

Invis-A-Rack Cargo Management System

The Invis-A-Rack is an innovative cargo management system. It allows you to transform your pickup truck into the versatile truck you’ve always wanted. The Invis-A-Rack lets you maintain the look of your original pickup truck during the time you don’t need a pickup or ladder rack. The Invis-A-Rack is designed for multiple uses. It’s not just a kayak and canoe rack. It’s not just a work truck rack. It’s all of that and more. It’s the four wheel drive of cargo racks. Invis-A-Rack is the most fuel efficient truck rack on the market today. Only use it when you need it, it’s there all the time. The Invis-A-Rack is proudly made in the USA and is designed to carry up to 500 pounds of tools or toys.

You can visit the Invis-A-Rack Fit Guide to find the right size Rack for the bed of your pick up truck.

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