Holiday Time for a lot of us means a trip "Over The River And Thru The Woods To Grandma's House". With all your luggage and the load of presents you are probably wondering "How will I fit it all in!"  At Lakeland Gear, we've been helping travelers pack since 1997.  We're here to help you get started on picking the right Cargo Carrier to give that extra room.

Today we are going to share some information on carrying your gear on the roof top of your vehicle.

PackRight Sport 3 Car Top Carrier
Roof Top Cargo Box

Vehicle Gear Management Accessories

Do you have a factory luggage rack on the roof?  Racks are a big asset to help you haul cargo.  If you don't have a luggage rack, you may consider adding one by visiting your local car dealer or by adding an aftermarket version.  If you have roof rack side rails on your car, you can add Roof Rack Cross Bars from our site. Remember that all PackRight car top cargo bags can be used without a luggage rack: learn more at Car Clip Strap Set.

Hauling Gear On A Roof Rack

Understand that you and your crew are going to have to lift duffel bags, tents, bicycles, or other gear up to the roof level.  Usually, this doesn't present a problem for most people, but it is still an important consideration.  You can stand on the door frame, the tailgate, the bumper or even on the spare tire and have people hand your gear up to you if necessary.  Light weight wheel steps are available to assist with roof loading as well.

Aerodynamic Roof Cargo Carriers

Car top carriers come in all shapes and sizes.  Car top boxes and car top cargo bags will reduce your gas mileage - sometimes up to 5 mpg. Some of these bags and boxes are designed with aerodynamic shapes to slice the wind. They will not affect your mileage quite as much. If you have gear that must go on yoru trip or is necessary to make your vacation fun, by all means pack it, the minor difference in fuel costs shouldn't ruin your fun. Another option is Cargo Saddlebag Car Back Carriers or Hitch Mounted Cargo Boxes. We'll talk about them in a future post.

Roof Top Cargo Bags or Hard Shell Cargo Boxes...Which one is best for you?



  • Easiest to put on & take off
    Many people install a roof box and leave it on.
  • Cost
    Roof Top Cargo Bags are much less expensive.
  • Storage space required
    A Cargo Bag can be folded up and store in its stuff sack.
  • Packing odd size or large objects
    Bags are flexible and made wider, so generally bigger objects can fit inside

  • Easiest to load
    A box can load easily because of it's shape. It is not necessary to completely load the box.
  • Packing Skis
    Many Cargo Boxes are long enough to fit Skis.
  • Security for roof cargo
    Boxes and bags both lock, But cargo boxes can be kept locked on the box overnight.
  • Aerodynamics
    Although a few PackRight Cargo Bags have an aerodynamic shape, the box is better

As you can see, you have many choices to carry your gear.  Only one is right for you.  Next post we will talk about Cargo Saddlebag Car Back Carriers or Hitch Mounted Cargo Boxes.

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