Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier FAQs

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StowAway2 Hitch Carriers And Racks Vehicle Fit

Q. Will a StowAway2 Cargo Carrier or Rack work on my vehicle?
A. There is a StowAway2 Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier that will work on almost every SUV, Minivan, Van, and Truck. If you believe that your vehicle might have a clearance or compatibility issue,  please contact us.  Don't forget to indicate the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle when you place an order. If you have more than one vehicle that you would like to be able to use your StowAway2 Cargo Carrier or Rack, please indicate all of the vehicles.

Q. I have a spare tire on the back of my vehicle. Will the Cargo Box fit?
A. It is recommended to use a StowAway2 Swing Away Carrier in this case. We still have to make sure that we provide you with the correct frame to give the proper clearance. Please enter your vehicle's year, make and model when ordering. Indicate in the customer comments section that you have a rear mounted tire and we will contact you if necessary. 

Q. Which StowAway2 Cargo Carrier is best for my vehicle?
A. If you need help determining which Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier is right for you, check out our Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Comparison Guide. The individual product pages also have complete descriptions of each cargo box or rack, however, please contact us with any remaining questions.

Q. Can I put my Pickup Truck's tailgate in the down position with a Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier in place?
A. The patented SwingAway frame clears almost all truck tailgates. We have a Tailgate Clearance Guide to help with this question.

StowAway2 Hitch Carriers And Racks Hitches

Q. How does a StowAway2 Cargo Carrier fit on my vehicle?
A. The cargo carriers are designed to slide into a receiver hitch that is fastened to the rear underside of your vehicle.  Make sure that you have measured your receiver hitch for size: the inside dimension of the square opening, left to right or top to bottom. Hitches are either 2" or 1.25". Many of our cargo box models have full functioning LED lights that require an electrical connection to your vehicle.

What is my vehicles tongue weight capacity?
A. Please visit our Receiver And Hitch Guide for more information.

Q. What kind of receivers work with StowAway2 Cargo Carriers?
A. Please refer to our Receiver And Hitch Guide for more information regarding: hitch sizes and classes, hitch safety, hitch compatibility, hitch converters, and installing an after-market hitch.

Q. Can I use a hitch extender?
A. Due to the weight of a StowAway2 Cargo Carrier or Rack, we only recommend using a Hitch Extender on a Class III (2") or above hitch. We do not recommend using a hitch extender on a 1.25 trailer hitch. Do not use a hitch extender that is longer than 7", measured from the receiver hitch pin hole to the hitch pin hole on the extender. The use of a hitch Extender will decrease the weight carrying capacity of the StowAway2 by about 1/3.

Q. Can I use a hitch converter?
A. We do not recommend using a hitch converter (a specialty extender that converts a vehicles 1.25 hitch to a 2 hitch) to hold a StowAway2 Carrier or Rack.

Q. I don't have a hitch on my vehicle - How difficult is it to install one?
A. It is usually quite easy. Most U-haul dealerships and local hitch and towing companies can perform this service.  Call for a quote as prices can vary.  Make sure to tell your dealer that you require an electrical connection if you have chosen one of the cargo boxes with LED tail lights. Most hitch dealers can take care of any necessary wiring for you as well.  If possible, please request a 4 flat electrical receptacle.

Q. What is a locking hitch pin, and do I need one?
A. The locking hitch pin connects your receiver with your cargo carrier or rack.  It actually locks them together.  Once installed, no one can remove your carrier or rack from your vehicle.  We highly recommend this accessory item.  A small price to pay for this much security.

StowAway2 Hitch Carriers And Racks Shipping

Q. What is the delivery time for StowAway2 Carriers?
A. Carriers and Racks will generally ship the same day or next day of order by FEDEX.  West Coast will see delivery in 1-2 days, Midwest in 3-4 days, and East Coast about 5 days with ground shipping.  If you have a close deadline, please contact us to work on your behalf.  The units weigh between 85 and 100 lbs and are therefore typically too expensive to send with expedited shipping.

Q. How much will it cost to ship a Cargo Carrier to my home?
A. Please go through our checkout process to find the exact shipping charge. You will be able to see this amount before you are asked for your credit card information. We do not offer free shipping on Stowaway2 Hitch Cargo Carriers or Racks. 

Q. Can I have a StowAway2 shipped via Overnight or Express service?
A. Yes, but we would not want to pay the bill for Overnight - not a good idea.  Please contact us with your time dilemma and we will help figure out a solution.

Q. Do you ship to Canada?
A. No, not at this time.

Q. How can I track my order?
A. We generally receive tracking information from the warehouse 2-3 days after the order is placed.  Please send an e-mail to receive tracking information from us at that time.

StowAway2 Hitch Carriers and Racks Product Questions

Q. Do I need to assemble my StowAway2 Cargo Carrier?
Yes, some assembly is required prior to using a StowAway2 Cargo Carrier. Our Swing Away models ship in two separate boxes.  Our fixed frame models ship in one box.  All of our carriers come with the necessary hardware for assembly.  Assembling a carrier for the first time takes roughly 30 - 45 minutes.  We recommend that two people be present for the assembly and installation of the carrier.  Detailed assembly instructions are included with every carrier, but you can preview the Set Up Guides ahead of time on our product pages.  To assemble a StowAway2 Cargo Carrier, you will need two large open end wrenches or socket wrenches, 9/16" and 1 1/8" size.

Q. Is the Cargo Carrier Box waterproof?
A. The cargo box is highly weatherproof, equipped with an automotive grade weather seal all around the edge of the lid.  This seal is designed to keep dust and water out of the box under normal conditions. Under extreme weather conditions, a slight amount of water may enter the box.  We do not recommend that people transport electronics or other items particularly sensitive to moisture in the boxes.  Under most circumstances, the contents of the box will stay dry.

Q. How much do the carriers weigh?
A. The weight varies by size, but generally about 100 lbs for the cargo carriers and about 85 lbs for the cargo racks.

Q. How does the Swing Away frame work?
A. The SwingAway frame pivots a full 180 degrees on a point located on the right (passenger) side of the frame.  The frame is designed with a spring loaded plunger pin and two safety pins.  To swing the carrier open, simply pull the two safety pins from their engaged positions and pull up on the plunger pin. Once unlatched, the box can be swung out a full 180 degrees to provide clear access to the rear of your vehicle.  The secondary safety pin can be used to lock the carrier open at a 90-degree angle if desired.  To close the Swing Away model, simply swing the carrier closed until it the latch is fully engaged - you will know when.  Then, place both safety pins into their proper positions before driving.

Q. Do you offer models to fit a Class II (1.25) hitch?
Yes, we offer a cargo boxes and platforms to fit this size. Please look for the designation of a 1.25" Receiver in the product descriptions. Some boxes and platforms come in both the 1.25" and the 2" receiver sizes. On these products, you will be asked to make your selection in a drop down menu.

Q. How large is a StowAway2 Cargo Carrier? Do StowAway2 boxes come in different sizes? What are the interior dimensions of StowAway2 boxes?
A. For detailed product information and technical specifications, check out the Cargo Box Comparison Guide.

Q. Can I purchase a StowAway2 box by itself without the frame?
A. Yes, please contact us for special pricing information.

Q. How do I interchange a Cargo Box with the Bike Rack and/or Cargo Rack?
A. The same Swing Away frame serves as the platform for both our cargo boxes and our racks.  Click Here to view a diagram of our Swing Away frame by itself.  Our Cargo Boxes bolt to the Swing Away frame in 4 places.  To remove the carrier box, simply loosen the 4 bolts.  To attach the Cargo Rack and/or Bike Rack, simply bolt these additional pieces to the Swing Away frame in the same 4 locations.  If you already own one of our enclosed carriers, you may purchase the cargo rack and bike rack attachment pieces by themselves.  Please contact us for pricing information.

Q. How much can StowAway2 Cargo Carriers hold?
A. The Max Boxes have 16 cubic feet of space and will carry up to 200 pounds of gear.  The Standard Boxes have 12.5 cubic feet of capacity and will carry up to 125 pounds of gear.  The LT Model and LT Swingaway model have 12.5 cubic feet of capacity and will carry up to 125 pounds of gear.

Q. Do you offer the StowAway2 in different colors?
A . StowAway2 Cargo Boxes are offered in Black or White. Please indicate your color choice in the drop down menu when placing your order.

Q. What material are StowAway2 Cargo Boxes?
A. StowAway2 Cargo Carriers are molded from an ultra-durable low-density polyethylene, the same material used on high-performance whitewater kayaks.  Our boxes have been repeatedly tested under severe elements to ensure against cracking or any other manufacturing defects.

Q. Should I be concerned with my vehicle's exhaust affecting the StowAway2?
As is the case with most plastics, extreme heat can cause deformation.  Most vehicles feature an exhaust system that directs the heat from its exhaust system down and away from where the Cargo Box sits.  As a general rule, the distance from the tip of the tailpipe to your StowAway2 Cargo Box should be a minimum of 14".  If needed, an exhaust tip can be a quick fix to direct the exhaust down and away from the box.  We have an exhaust shield available
for vehicles that have exhaust pipes pointing at the box. Please call for pricing.

StowAway2 Hitch Carrier and Rack Accessories

Q. I recently misplaced the keys to my StowAway2.  Can I get a new set?
A. Replacement keys can be ordered by calling 1-800-943-5377.  The cost is $10 including postage. Expedited shipping options are available at an additional cost.

Q. What is the Tightening Hitch Coupler?
A. This device reduces vibration by eliminating "play" between your hitch receiver and the StowAway2 frame. It is included with many of the cargo carriers.  To see how the Tightening Hitch Coupler installs, click here.  Vibration does not affect the performance or safety of the StowAway2 Cargo Carrier, but it can be a nuisance on uneven road surfaces.

Q. Do I need the StowAway2 License Plate Kit?
A. License plate requirements vary state by state, but some states require that your vehicles rear license plate be visible at all times.   A License Plate Kit is included with many StowAway2 models.  It can be purchased as an optional accessory item.  The License Plate Kit mounts to your Cargo Box and plugs directly into the wire harness.

Q. The light bulb in my License Plate Kit burned out. Can I order a replacement?
A. The model number for the light bulb used in our License Plate Kit is C168.  It can be found at your local automotive or hardware store.

StowAway2 Hitch Carrier And Racks Towing Applications

Q. What can I safely tow with the StowAway2 Towing Model?  Will my proposed setup work with the Towing Model?  Can I put a bike rack into the Towing Models receiver hitch? What is the Towing Models carrying capacity? What is the difference between towing capacity and tongue weight capacity? How does my vehicles tongue weight capacity affect my StowAway2s carrying capacity?
A. Please refer to our Towing Cargo Box Information for the answers to these questions.

StowAway2 Hitch Carrier And Racks Warranty

Q. What is the StowAway2 Warranty?
A. StowAway2 offers a five-year warranty.  They, at their sole discretion, may replace or repair a warrantied unit.  You must provide your proof of purchase.  Please contact LakelandGear and we will help facilitate your claim.  Unless otherwise authorized, return transportation charges must be paid by the purchaser.

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