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What Makes Car Top Carriers From Rightline Gear The Best?

Rightline Gear's Specialty Is Car Top Carriers

Since their first car carrier design in 1995, Rightline Gear has been improving designs and evaluating customer feedback.  Most other car top carriers are manufactured by companies that mainly make other products. They make a car roof carriers as an after thought, just to expand their line.  Rightline Gear is the technical authority on car top carriers and is responsible for many of the innovative features found on their products and in the industry today. We thought that you might like to see a few of them in detail below.

Hydrotuff Material


Hydrotuff is a 600 denier woven polyester outer layer mated to a PVC inner layer..  It is a thick durable material, resistant to cuts, and will not tear.  Simply, a great choice for car top bags, both functionally and aesthetically.  Hydrotuff is completely waterproof and UV treated so that the color and the material will not breakdown with continued exposure to the sun. It will keep its properties in the Arizona desert heat and on the Alaskan frozen tundra.

PVC Mesh

PVC Mesh

PVC Mesh is a nylon re-enforced PVC.  The nylon grid inside the material makes it resistant to tears or cuts.  PVC Mesh is waterproof and perfect for use in a cargo bag as it can be welded together to form a watertight seam.  PVC Mesh remains flexible in extremely hot or cold temperatures.  It is rated at UPF50 for UV protection which means it blocks 98% of the sun's harmful rays.  The attractive black color will not fade over time.  All logos are screen printed on the material and sealed in place.  It is definitely a durable material that can still fold up small for storage.

Dual Seam Technology

Dual Seam Technology

PackRight Stuff Sack

Sewn For Strength, Welded Waterproof!  The Sport Car Top Carriers are constructed of PVC Mesh and Hydrotuff Material using our advanced Dual Seam Technology.  The two materials are sewn together for strength and then welded along the same line to make the seam waterproof.  The end result is a highly modern design that provides styled accent for your vehicle.  After your trip, the Car Top Carriers fold down for storage in their own stuff sacks. (The Rightline Gear Ace Car Carrier does not include a stuff sack.)

ZipRight Zipper System

Urethane Coated Zipper

ZipRight Zipper System

The Sport Car Top Carriers feature the innovative ZipRight Zipper System, a urethane coated zipper located on the protective flap to keep rain out. Other car roof carriers feature a conventional zipper located at the junction of the protective flap and the bag-right where the wind forcefully drives a large amount of rain water. ZipRight’s  “in the flap technology” solves the age old problem of water coming into the carrier through the zipper.

Cargo Bag Strapping

Straps Attached To Roof Rack
Car Clip Straps Attached To Car Roof Edge

Nylon Straps - The Straps provided with the Rightline Gear Sport Car Top Carriers and the Cargo Saddlebag and the Car Top Duffle Bag Strap Set are are fashioned from nylon webbing. They are even treated with a waterproof coating to prevent water from wicking through them when used in the Through The Vehicle configuration.  The straps are not sewn into the carrier so they won't tear off in the middle of a trip. 

Polypropylene Straps - The Strap Set provided with the Rightline Gear Edge Car Top Carrier and Ace Car Top Carriers are made of Polypropylene (PP).

Car Top Carrier Accessories

Non-Skid Roof Pad
Car Top Carrier Cable Lock
PackRight Car Clips
Car Top Duffle Bag Strap Set


Why not just include 'everything' with each carrier?  Rightline Gear wants to keep the price down so you only pay for what you need. Non-Skid Roof Pads are available to protect your roof from sharp-edged items inside your cargo bag while also preventing it from moving an inch. The Car Top Carrier Cable Lock acts as a great theft deterrent during your next pit stop.  The Car Clips can be added to the standard straps included with each carrier to attach all of the Rightline Gear Luggage Carriers to vehicles without a roof rack.  The Rightline Gear Car Top Duffle Bag (available in late September) attaches to the top of your vehicle, with or without a roof rack.  At Lakeland Gear, we don't ask you to pay for products that you don't need, we respect your knowledge and judgment.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing The Correct Car Top Carrier

Sport 1 & 3 Car Top Carriers

Choose these Car Top Luggage Carriers if you like the idea of open top loading. For vehicles with no luggage rack, use the included Strap Set to run through the vehicle and around the bag or purchase the Rightline Gear Car Clips to attach the carrier to your vehicle's door frame.  This car luggage carrier is 100% Waterproof.  The Sport 3 is the largest cargo carrier you will find anywhere.  The Sport 1 works on small to mid-size vehicles, still providing plenty of extra cargo space - you may use it on a larger vehicle when carrying a smaller load.  You want to make sure to pack both of these bags full.

Sport Jr. Car Top Carrier:

Choose this Cargo Bag for compact cars with no luggage rack.  It also features open top loading.  The clips can be removed from the straps to run the straps through the vehicle and around the bag or to use this bag on a larger vehicle with a luggage rack.  This cargo bag is the perfect size to hold your gear on a weekend get away.  This car luggage carrier is 100% Waterproof.

Cargo Saddlebag Car Back Carrier:

Choose this Cargo bag if you have an SUV or minivan and would like to save $$ on gas, have easy access and loading, and the ability to carry it into your destination. To make this carrier 100% waterproof, purchase the optional Waterproof Car Top Carrier Liner. Those not wanting to lift gear overhead and desiring to keep gas mileage high can't go wrong with this carrier.  Please check: you must have a 40" space between the taillights on the rear of your vehicle for the Cargo Saddlebag to ride safely.  Note: You will not have emergency access to the back of your vehicle once the carrier is mounted.

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