How To Clean Your Car Top Carrier

OK, you're back from a fantastic vacation, rested and relaxed, and hopefully not stressed out from the traffic.  In any event you've got to unpack and get settled into "regular" life again.  You may have noticed that your car top carrier has picked up some bug spots or road grime along the way.  To maximize the life of your car top carrier, we recommend cleaning it up a bit, letting it dry, and then folding it up in its stuff sack, ready for your next adventure. 

How To Clean A Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier:

1. Hose the roof top carrier off with fresh water. 

2. Use a soft bristle scrub brush with mild detergent (Woollite or a similar product works great - nothing stronger).

3. Hose off all the soap and suds with fresh water. 

4. Let the car top carrier dry in the sun or breeze. 

5. Fold it and put it back into the stuff sack. 

6. Roll up the straps inside the bag with the directions so you'll have everything together for the next time.

7. Do not machine wash.

For those of you living in areas with the possibility of severe weather disasters, keep your car top carrier packed with the essential items that you need for a potential evacuation.  If an emergency strikes, you can quickly put the car top carrier on your car, strap it down, and go.

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