Car Clips Set Up Guide

For Vehicles WITHOUT A Roof Rack

Add the Car Clips (Figure 1) to the standard straps of any Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier.  Car clips allow the carrier to be attached to the door frame of vehicles WITHOUT a roof rack (Figure 2).

Rightline Gear Car Clips
Car Clips On Sport Bag
Figure 1
Figure 2

1.  Run the loop-end of a standard strap (with its buckle-side down) from any Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier throught the back side of a Car Clip (Figure 3).

2.  Take the opposite loop-end of the strap and run it through the loop-end that is already through the Car Clip (Figure 4).

3.  Pull the strap so that it cinches tight around the back side of the Car Clip (Figure 5).

4.  Repeat steps 1 - 3 for the opposite loop-end of the same strap.

5.  Repeat steps 1 - 4 for a second strap.

Car Clips Set Up Step One
Car Clips Set Up Step Two
Car Clips Set Up Step Three
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5

Connecting The Car Clip Strap Set

The Car Clip Straps require a sturdy ledge inside of the car door opening for connection. On most vehicles, the best ledge can be found under the weather molding (Figures 6 & 7), however, any metal ledge, rain gutter, or the outside of the weather molding itself can be used.

Car Clips Set Up Figure 6Car Clips Set Up Figure 7
Figure 6
Figure 7

6.  Each strap has (2) strap pieces connected through a center buckle.  Unthread the short strap piece from the buckle and run both strap pieces through the D-rings on each side of the carrier.  Bring them together on the top of the carrier (Figure 8).  IMPORTANT:  Do not attach the straps to the D-rings as they will cause them damage.  The strap tension over the top of the bag secures the load.

7.  Thread the short strap piece back through the center buckle (Figure 9).

8.  Attach the clips to the open door frames and tighten the strap at the buckle.

9.  Repeat steps 6 - 8 for a second strap.

10.  Shut the door of the vehicle over the clips/straps, securing them in place (Figure 10)

Figure 9Figure 8Figure 10
Figure 8
Figure 9
Figure 10

Final Adjustments For All Straps

11.  Secure the extra length of each strap in the plastic tri-glide so that it doesn't flat in the wind (Figure 11).

12.  Tie off any excess strap length (Figure 12).  If the straps are too long, cut off the extra length and melt the cut end to prevent fraying.

13.  Position the straps at least 20" apart on each side of the carrier (Figure 13).

14.  Check the straps before driving and regularly throughout the trip.

Figure 11
Figure 12
Figure 13
Figure 11
Figure 12
Figure 13


The Car Clip Strap Set comes standard with the Sport Jr. Car Top Carrier. All other carriers require the Car Clips to be purchased as an accessory item.

The Rightline Gear Car Clips will work on most vehicles. Look closely at this page and check your vehicle for potential mounting points. If you have a minivan with a sliding door these clips will not work.

The Non-Skid Roof Protection Pad (Fig 14) is recommended when using the Car Clips to help prevent the cargo bag from shifting on the roof of your vehicle.

If you purchase the Car Clips for the vehicle that you are driving now, and later get a vehicle with a luggage rack-no problem. Just remove the Car Clips from the ends of the straps and use the straps to attach the carrier to the luggage rack (Fig 15).

Figure 14
Figure 14
Figure 14
Figure 15

It's a good idea to do a short test drive before you embark on your trip. It's important to continue to check the straps regularly throughout your travels.


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