Today I want to share with you a few more options for getting all those presents from here to your family gathering.  These options utilize the back of your vehicle.   This is more aerodynamic, thus is better for gas mileage than a roof top cargo carrier.

Options include both a carrier that straps onto the back of your vehicle as well as cargo carriers that attach to the hitch.

PackRight Cargo Saddlebag

Strap On Cargo Carrier

The innovative PackRight Cargo Saddlebag is a large bag that suspends from your luggage rack down the back of your car.  The Saddlebag provides the best of all worlds. The bag is extremely easy to load with no aerodynamic drag and comes at a low cost.  The bag rides under the rear window without obstructing your view.  Please read more about this unique product-our highest seller.

Hitch Cargo Carriers

Receiver Hitches - If you have a 2" (Class III) receiver you can carry heavier loads than with a 1.25" (Class II) receiver. If you don't have a receiver hitch, you can get one installed at any U-haul dealer or your local trailer or hitch shop.

   Standard Swing Away Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

Hitch Mount Cargo Boxes -  These boxes are growing in popularity.  Lakeland Gear features fixed cargo carriers and Swing Away Cargo Carriers that allow the box away from the vehicle, providing easy access to the rear door.  Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers are easy to install and easy to load since they are closer to the ground that roof boxes.  If you decide to go this route, don't forget a locking hitch pin which will lock the cargo box to your vehicle.  All of our hitch mount cargo boxes are extra secure with a strong lock in the lid.

StowAway2 Fixed Tailgate Hitch Mount Cargo Rack

Hitch Mount Cargo Racks - Cargo racks can also be fixed or swing away.  Lakeland Gear offers a large selection of  Swing Away Hitch Mount Cargo Racks.  Some models fold up against the back of the vehicle when not in use.  Cargo platforms are great for items that won't fit into a box.  A locking hitch pin is also a great idea here as well as a Locking Security Cable to hold your gear.  You should also be conscious of the platforms finish.  Painted surfaces will eventually scratch and rust will start to form.  Better units are powder coated which ends up being much more durable than paint.


Boxes or Racks

  • Easiest to put on & take off
    Many people install a cargo box and leave it on.
  • Cost
    Cargo Bags are much less expensive.
  • Storage space required
    A Cargo Bag can be folded up and store in its stuff sack.
  • Packing odd size or large objects
    Bags are flexible and made wider, so generally bigger objects can fit inside

  • Easiest to load
    A box can load easily because of it's shape. It is not necessary to completely load the box.
  • Security for roof cargo
    Boxes and bags both lock, But cargo boxes can be kept locked on the vehicle overnight.
  • Access to Rear of Vehicle
    Cargo boxes and racks are available in a Swing Away model these allow access to the rear of the vehicle without removing the box or rack.

As you can see, you have many choices where to pack your gear, but only one right one for you.  Please contact us if you need assistance in determining which solution is right for you.

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