Get Started with Surfboard Racks

To Select the Surfboard Rack that best fits your needs, please follow the steps listed below.

1.  Choose The Correct Surfboard Rack That Fits Your Specific Crossbars

Surfboard Racks require crossbars, if you don't have them please visit our Roof Rack Systems page.  Whether you have round, square, or factory roof rack crossbars, there is a Surfboard Rack for you.  Some racks only fit round, some only square, some are universal and fit any crossbar.  See Table Below

2.  Decide How Many And What Style Of Surfboards You Need To Transport

Most Surfboard Racks can carry at least 2 Surfboards, and there are some that carry up to 3.  There are however limitations on style, meaning Short Boards or Long Boards.  Usually if a Carrier can hold 3 Short Boards it can only hold 2 Long Boards.  See Table Below

3.  Check The Width Limitations Of The Surfboard Rack

You want to make sure the width of your surfboard does not exceed the limitations of the Surfboard Rack.  Measure your Surfboard and compare it to the limitations of the Surfboard Rack.  See Table Below

4.  Decide If You Need Crossbar Pads Or Surfboard Pads

In order to protect your Surfboard from damages or scratches during transit, it's a good idea to have some padding.  Some Surfboard Racks come with pads.  We offer Crossbar Pads if the Rack you're looking at does not offer any padding.  Crossbar Pads offer a layer of protection between the Surfboard and the Crossbars.  Surfboard dealers sell Surfboard Pads, which cover the Surfboard entirely.  Padding for your Surfboards are recommended but not necessary.  See Table Below

Please use the table to help guide you in choosing the right Surfboard Rack.

Surfboard Rack Crossbars Surfboard Capacity Surfboard Width Limitations Style Limitations Included Accessories Added Features
Inno Crane Surfboard Carrier Round, Square, Factory 2-3 None 3 Short Boards
2 Long Boards
Straps Floating Straps
Inno Boardlocker Round, Square, Factory 2-3 Up to 24" Wide

3 Short Boards
2 Long Boards

Straps, Rubber Cushions Locks & Keys
Thule Hang Two Surf Carrier Round, Square, Factory 2 None None Straps
Yakima StrapThang Round 2 None None Straps
Yakima Wavehog Round, Square, Factory 3 None None Straps, Pads Locks & Keys, Rubber Covered Buckles














We want you to find the right Surfboard Rack, so please contact us if you have any questions, 1-888-301-GEAR

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