Pop Up Tent Set Up Guide

Setting Up The CampRight Pop Up Tent

  1. Before setting up the CampRight Pop Up Tent, clear any sharp sticks and rocks from the ground where you'll be placing the tent.
  2. Unzip the carry bag and remove the tent.
  3. Unbuckle the strap around the tent and the tent will unfold by itself into the ready-for-use position (Fig 1).
  4. Next, stake the four "corners" of the tent (Fig 2) and the three guy lines (Fig 3).
  5. You're camping!


Taking Down The CampRight Pop Up Tent

Before you take down the pop up tent, be sure to remove the (7) stakes and wipe the bottom of the tent clean. Leave the tent windows unzipped a bit in order to vent the tent and allow air to escape. This will make it easier to fold.

Once you learn to fold the tent - it'll be a snap-and you'll never want to go back to messing around with tent poles again!  The pictures below help to clearly illustrate the step by step fold down procedure.

Folding The Pop Up Tent Into An Oval
Bring all four frame pieces together, holding them with one hand (Fig 4 and Fig 5).

Folding pop up tent

Next turn the tent to the vertical position (Fig 6) and twist the top half of the tent down over the bottom half of the tent(Fig 7).

This will create an oval shape (Fig 8).

Folding The Oval Into A Circle
Stand the oval shape on its side and bend it into a figure 8 by moving one hand towards you and one hand away from you while pushing down (Fig 9, 10 and 11).

Folding oval into a circle

Bend one half of the figure 8 over the other half to create a small circle (Fig 12, 13 and 14).

Securing And Storing The Pop Up Tent
Connect the attached straps around the folded tent by buckling. The folded tent is now ready to be placed into the round carry bag (Fig 16). Your CampRight Pop Up Tent can be easily stored until your next camping trip!

Securing and storing the pop up tent


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