Travel Chair Product Guide

Independent lab tests and loyal customers alike can testify to the quality of Travel Chair’s industrial strength folding camping chairs. Since 1984, Travel Chair has worked to perfect the folding camp chair. Each camp chair is manufactured to tolerate wear and tear beyond the needs of the average consumer, so no matter how badly you treat these camp chairs, they will continue to provide unparalleled performance.

Heavy Duty Materials

From soft, powdery sands to gravel parking lots and everywhere in between, these foldable camping chairs have you covered with the highest quality materials. Each component of a Travel Chair is specified to tolerances far beyond the needs of the average consumer. Each high quality material has been tested by an independent lab to verify its strength and durability—ensuring that each piece gets made with the best components. Here are just some of the industrial grade components Travel Chair uses: 

  • Extra heavy frame tubes that flex less and bear heavier loads than flimsy plastic.
  • Durable, double coated polyurethane backed polyester fabric that won’t tear and is abrasion resistant.
  • Webbing is made of the same heavy duty fabric used to manufacture seatbelts
  • Molded grommets that conform to optimal angles when the chair is loaded. 
  • Double stitching for long lasting fabric strength
  • Rivets that maintain frame integrity 
  • High grade steel and aluminum in the frames
  • High quality nylon connectors that are much stronger than their plastic equivalents 
  • Bar tacking- reinforced stitching- throughout each chair
Heavy Duty Materials
ABS resin feet X-frame configurations Molded grommets Bar tacking 

Why Travel Chair?

Don’t put up with folding chairs that break after a couple uses. Chairs from big box stores simply aren't manufactured to fit the highest standards. Each component of a Travel Chair has been specified to go above your needs and withstand tough use, but it’s the overall design that puts these parts to their best use and separates Travel Chair from the competition. Travel Chair has the whole deal: excellent materials in a tried and true design. The frame configurations of these folding camp chairs have been computer engineered to maximize load-bearing efficiency. The design of these chairs ensures that their high quality fabrics that distribute weight evenly across the frame. And your chair won’t sink into sand or soft ground with oversized nylon feet. So ditch the big box stores and choose Travel Chair for unbeatable quality.

Care and Maintenance of Your Travel Chair Camp Chair

To ensure that your Travel Chair will provide years of enjoyment, maintain your chair by spraying with a hose especially after exposure to salt water. Clean stains with a mild detergent and sponge. Be sure to dry your Travel Chair before storage. 

Travel Chair Warranty Information

Travel Chair's camp chairs are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for 1 year from date of purchase under normal use. 

Customizing Your Camp Chair or Folding Camping Table

Promote your company or create a unique and memorable gift by customizing your Travel Chair. Click on the Customer Service link or give us a call to find out more about this unique opportunity.

Customizing camp chair

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